Collection Details: Maxomorra

Maxomorra Clothing Logo
"I am eco"
Maxomorra is a Swedish clothing brand for children, the idea of a sustainable colourful kids clothing brand started in the small town of Almhult in 2008. All of the clothing is produced in India under fair trade conditions, which means acceptable living wages for the employees at the factory, instead of minimum wage. Maxomorra are producing and using their own 100% clean and renewable energy! In 2019, they installed solar panels at their factory as another step to becoming carbon neutral.The clothes are made out of sustainable, organic cotton to protect your child's skin and also the farmers from pesticides and chemicals. We love that the bright organically certified colour doesn't fade and that we can comfortably pass the clothes on to other families after our kids have grown out of them.
Maxomorra uses dual cm sizing, for example 50/56, 62/68.  If your child is well into the 2nd age group of the size, for example 55 cm, the next size up 62/68 could offer more use.
Please measure your child before purchase, our products always have the recommended height in cm next to the age.
Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need advice.


 Age Size
1 to 2 Months 50/56CM
3 to 6 Months 62/68CM
9 to 12 Months 74/80CM
18 to 24 Months 86/92CM



Boys & Girls

 Age Size
3 to 4 Years 98/104CM
5 to 6 Years 110/116CM
7 to 8 Years 122/128CM
9 to 10 Years 134/140CM


Kids Hat Size

AGE Size
1 to 2 Years 48/50 CM
2 to 4 Years 52/54 CM
6 to 12 Years 56/58 CM

Sock Size


19/21 11.3-13CM
22/24 13-15CM
25/27 15-17CM
28/30 17-19.1CM
31/33 19-21.1CM
34/36 21.1-23