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Why do we work so closely with companies that are fully transparent with their organic fabrics and ethical manufacturing conditions?
Well it is so important to us to make sure that the clothing we stock isn’t full of toxic chemicals, it’s not good for you, your kids or the farmers and the nature around every one of us.


Let’s talk about Swedish clothing brand DUNS of Sweden today.

DUNS is a perfect example of just this, as a company they are always completely transparent concerning their production and working conditions and very proud to show their wonderful production units in India.

All employees have a salary that exceeds the Living Wage for India with approximately 20%. Working days are between 9 and 5. Overtime is paid and volontary.

The unit has 20 permanent employees and 25 floating (meaning they have special knowledge and work in different units depending on if their expertise is needed).

This is a very Scandinavian way of working and treating employees, we are happy to support DUNS by stocking their products.

Please have a look at their production in India here.

How about the material and dyes that are being used?

All clothing, bedding and kitchen items are made with 100% organic cotton, non toxic dyes and not only that it's GOTS certified.

So what is GOTS?

GOTS is a leading textile processing standard for organic fibres throughout the world. This standard includes ecological as well as social criteria, which are backed up by independent certifications of the entire textile supply chain.

Environmental aspects – cultivation without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO (genetically modified organism).

Production aspects – the supply chain, from dyeing and spinning to sewing and manufacturing.

Social aspects – following labor regulations, decent wages and working hours.


To be GOTS certified the companies will be using at least 70% of certified organic natural fibres for processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, trading and distribution for a label grade ‘made with organic’. If a textile product wants to carry the GOTS label grade ‘organic’, it must contain at least 95% of certified organic fibres.

A GOTS certified product reduces the overall environmental impact and prevents toxic residues from reaching the human skin.

DUNS of Sweden has many fun prints to choose from, super soft cotton, gender-neutral prints and easy to wear styles.


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