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Our Story

Vara Barn is Swedish for 'be a child' and we believe it is important to dress kids like kids. Fashion is meant to be sustainable and passed on from sibling to sibling, kid to kid. Eco-friendly, organic cottons and ethically made, gentle on your child's skin.

Anna grew up in Halmstad Sweden, the youngest of three, David grew up in Mississauga the youngest of five. Both being familiar with hand me downs and a love for the outdoors whether Anna was off to Tylosand in Sweden or David was exploring Algonquin Park in Canada. Which is why it just makes sense that Vara Barn wants to only associate with ECO-FRIENDLY & DURABLE brands that are ethically manufactured.

Much like probably millions of others Anna & David met at a hockey game in Dundalk in Ireland. David spent well over a decade as an agent and distributor in sports and fashion industry. It was in Ireland that they welcomed two beautiful children and Anna began buying both new and second hand clothing from many of the brands they sell today.

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