Villervalla Winter Guide

Villervalla Winter Guide

If your child is dressed right playing in the cold is not an issue, Villervalla is sharing their best tips dressing for cold play days.
Lets start with the three layer principle,
this principle applies to both toddlers and juniors. You can easily put on, or take off, a layer if the child gets too cold or hot.
Layer 1 consists of the clothes closest to the body. Underwear of merino wool or wool is a good alternative, as it breathes and warms when you get cold, and cools when you get too hot. When it's not that cold outside, our soft cotton knitwear is a comfy alternative.

Layer 2 is recommended when it is really cold outside. This intermediate layer keeps the body warm and can preferably consist of a fleece jacket or fleece pants.

Layer 3 must keep you warm when it's windy, raining and snowing and have a comfy fit to provide maximum freedom of movement. Choose a snowsuit or coat and snow pants that are both wind and waterproof with taped seams, preferably with loops that hold the garments in place. With reflexes the child is well visible. We think your kid looks extra good in Villervalla's snowsuits and snow pants, as they are made in lovely colors and self-designed patterns!
Choose a thick hat with a comfy fit, that protects against the wind when it's a little extra cold outside, for example the fleece lined hat from Villervalla or merino beanie from Paapii. Waterproof mittens are a must for winter play. If your child has very frozen hands, a pair of cotton gloves can be worn as an extra layer under the windproof gloves.

With a tube scarf or neck warmer (fake collar) we have both fleece and merino wool scarves available(paapii), the neck and chest are protected from the cold without disturbing the kid's play and by packing a couple of extra socks in your bag, his feet will stay happy.
Choose clothes in the right size, so that they don't feel uncomfortable for the child when moving around. The clothes shouldn't be too tight and hinder the child's freedom of movement.

Choose winter clothes of good quality, which will last all season, and which can be inherited by siblings or younger friends next year.

Mark the children's names in all garments, also in gloves, socks and hats. Then the chance increases that the clothes are where they are supposed to be, and you don't have to buy new ones all the time.Villervalla garments have several rows on the name tag, so that the person who inherits the garments also has got a place to write their name.
You can read more about Villervalla's winter guide here.
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