Collection Details: Frugi

When Frugi was born they decided they'd strive to be as ethically and
environmentally responsible as possible, and they still work to these
same values more than a decade later! The Frugi team want the best for our planet and for you, their loyal customers,  
that's why the cotton had to be organic and still is!
It's better for everyone from the farmers who grow it to the little ones
who look so ridiculously cute wearing it!
Frugi don't use chemicals commonly used in textile
processing, and they don't allow any pollutants which can
destroy our eco-systems. This means happier farmers and
factory workers, and a happier planet.
Frugi require all of their factories to tell them how much water and
energy they use to process their cotton and help them find
ways to reduce energy and water consumption.
Frugi clothes are instantly recognisable by their bright, vibrant colours,
playful characters and clever details; such as reversible designs,
adjustable waistbands and interactive appliqués which make our
clothes as tun as they are comfortable and practical.
Every year Frugi donates 1% of their turnover to charity (whether they make
a profit or not). Recently through Little (LOTHES G) BIG CHANGE
charity project they have made a huge difference to the lives of children
all around the world.
Frugi is the first children's wear brand to  proudly join and be certified by the Circular Textiles Foundation. The new  pioneering range of certified Recycle Me clothing for little ones is the first of its kind – recycling clothes back into clothes! Currently, clothing recycling is often about re-use or down-cycling, where the clothes are shredded into textiles scraps for padding, insulation and filling. Which is a great first step, but ultimately still leads to waste ending up in landfills or incineration. However, our new range has been designed specifically to be recycled back into clothes, so the raw materials are not lost, and the earth’s natural resources are saved.
You can find more information about this new project here.
Have look at Frugi sizing here:


1. HEIGHT: Measure your child without shoes (the child not yourself!)
Place feet together and take measurements from the top of the head to the floor.

2. CHEST: Place tape as close under the arms as possible and measure around the fullest part.

3. WAIST: Measure your child around the natural waistline. Tape should be comfortably loose.

4. INSIDE LEG: Measure from the crotch to floor, legs shoulder width apart.

Age Height Weight kg Chest Waist Leg EU
0-3m 56/62cm 3.2-6kg 42.5cm 43cm 21cm 62
3-6m 62/68cm 6-8kg 45.5cm 45cm 24cm 68
6-12m 68/80cm 8-10kg 49cm 49cm 31cm 80
12-18m 80/86cm 10-12kg 51cm 50cm 34.5cm 86
18-24m 86/92cm 12-14kg 52.5cm 50.5cm 38cm 92
Age  Height Chest Waist  Hip Leg EU
2-3Y 92/98cm 54cm 52.5cm 56cm 41cm 98
3-4Y 98/104cm 56cm 54.5cm 60cm 45cm 104
4-5Y 104/110cm 58cm 55cm 62cm 49cm 110
5-6Y 110/116cm 61cm 56cm 64cm 52cm 116
6-7Y 116/122cm 63cm 57cm 66cm 56cm 122
7-8Y 122/128cm 64cm 59cm 68cm 59cm 128
8-9Y 128/134cm 66.5cm 60.5cm 72cm 62.5cm 134
9-10Y 134/140cm 71cm 62cm 76cm 65cm 140