Collection Details: More Than a Fling

More than a fling is the sister brand of the famous GOTS certified DUNS Sweden kids wear brand. The brand focus on primary basic colours mixed with various colourful prints. More than a fling is using the same facilities as DUNS Sweden(Organic GOTS certified by control union CU855122). All garments are made in facilities certified by GOTS and controlled by Control Union in India. All employees have a salary that exceeds the living Wage for India with approximately 20%. All designs are originals made in Gothenburg, Sweden and produced by their team in India.
More than a fling is a eco, unisex and happy brand !

Kids Sizing

38 cl Premature
44 cl Premature
50 cl Newborn
56 cl 1-2 Months
62 cl 2-4 Months
68 cl 4-6 Months
74 cl 6-9 Months
80 cl 9-12 Months
86 cl 12-18 Months
92 cl 18-24 Months
98 cl 2-3Y
104 cl 3-4Y
110 cl 4-5Y
116 cl 5-6Y
122 cl 6-7Y
128 cl 7-8Y
134 cl 8-9Y
140 cl 9-10Y
146 cl 10-11Y
152 cl 11-12Y
158 cl 12-13Y
164 cl 13-14Y