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“We here at PaaPii want to do things right and well – it has worked great for us so far!” - Anniina Isokangas.
PaaPii is a Finnish design company, that sprung to life in 2011. Anniina Isokangas was filled with eagerness, inspiration and courage, as she turned her beloved hobby into a – then – small business.  At first PaaPii produced small amounts of stuffed animals and interior products – and also fabrics, printed by hand. As the years passed, PaaPii moved to industrial production and brought clothing lines for babies, children and women for sale. Since 2017 all of our clothes have been made in our own sewing factory in Kokkola, Finland. Paapii consider it important, that all clothes are produced in their own sewing factory in Finland. By being in charge of our own production, they are able to ensure a traceable and transparent clothing production, with high-quality and ethical standards in their practices. At this moment PaaPii’s own sewing factory has the capacity to produce 1300 pieces of clothing per week.
The factory locates in Kokkola, in Western Finland, an area that has a long history of textile industry. At PaaPii they believe it's important to take care and preserve the local knowledge of how to manufacture clothing. About 50-60% of all the power PaaPii uses is produced out of two renewable energy sources – the factory has solar panels on the roof and a geothermal heat pump. The rest of the electricity they use is bought from a local power plant (Kokkolan Energia), and it is green power, which has an European GO -certificate. Therefore, all the power used in the factory is produced completely out of renewable energy sources!
97% of PaaPii’s clothes are made of organic cotton. All PaaPii’s jersey and sweatshirt knits are made of GOTS- and Ökotex -certified organic cotton, knitted and printed in Lithuania.  The GOTS –certificate endures that the fabrics are made organically and ethically from start to finish.
PaaPii’s mulesing-free merino wool is knitted in Kalajoki, just a short distance away from our sewing factory in Kokkola. In 2019 we started using YKK’s Natulon zippers – which are very high in quality and more environmentally friendly option. Our zippers are produced from recycled plastic. Trays, cutting boards and pan coasters are made of Finnish birch veneer, and added an environmentally friendly melamine surface for them to withstand heat and friction.
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