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Seam-free super soft Bamboo kids and adults socks designed by Polly and her son Andy in Waterford, Ireland and manufactured in Haining in China. Bamboo is super soft and smooth and feels great against the skin. It naturally draws moisture away from the body where it can evaporate more easily and keeps skin cool and dry. Bamboo is sustainably grown in China, long lasting, retains its shape in the wash and its biodegradable. 

Why is bamboo a good material for socks? 
Because it is:
Super Soft to touch
Moisture wicking so it keeps the feet dry and keeps the water away from the foot so there are less chances of blisters and smelly feet.
Did you know bamboo is a grass? After it's been harvested it replenishes itself. No need to replant. 
It doesn't need chemicals and pesticides to grow and very little water. If you have bamboo in your garden you'll know this very well! 

Polly & Andy bamboo is FSC certified which means it meets the gold standard of ethical production.

The bamboo is planted purely for the production of bamboo fibre so we don't impact on the food supply of the local wildlife.

It ensures the bamboo harvested from forests are responsibly managed, socially beneficial and environmentally conscious. 

You can find more information about FSC and the sustainability with bamboo below.

1-3 0 - 2 15 - 18 0 - 1 Years
4-6.5 3 - 5.5 19 - 22 1 - 2 Years
7-10 6 - 9 23 - 27 3 - 4 Years
11-2Y 10 - 1 28 - 33 5 - 8 Years
2.5Y-7Y 1.5 - 6 34 - 39 9 - 12 Years


6-9 40-44
10-13 45-49 Adult

US Sizes

Baby and Junior sizes increase UK Size by 1

-Adult Sizes

-Women increase UK Size by 2

-Men increase UK Size by 1


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