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Merle makes the clothes kids want to wear! Clothes that tell a fun story, clothes that kids of all genders will love and want to wear time and time again. What kind of clothes do kids want to wear? Most importantly, they want clothes they can move in. Clothes they can kick and roll and run and jump in! Most kids also love bright colours and want the patterns on their clothes to represent their interests; animals, machines, monsters, stars, you name it!

Merle Kids’ handmade products are made of 100% organic cotton in a Portuguese factory. They are super comfortable and practical. The designs are suitable for all kids! I never consider what is "boyish" or "girly"because I believe that there is no such thing and that children should just be children and wear what they like! Thus, Merle Kids products can be called "unisex", "gender neutral", "gender-free"... I just say they’ re for all kids! Yes, even the dresses.

All Merle Kids products are made from organic cotton. This is the obvious choice -it protects the environment and thus the future of our planet, the production line workers and, last but not least, the delicate skin of your child.Organic fibres are natural fibres grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides and GMOs (genetically modified organisms) according to the principles of organic farming. Strict criteria must also be met when processing, dyeing and printing these fibres.The Villar Portugal-based manufacture that produces Merle Kids’ goods has been certified organic (GOTS) since its founding in 2013, as is the entire supply chain. They have always been focused on avoiding harmful substances and treating their employees fairly.

Care Instructions:

To ensure a long life for your Merle Kids products, we recommend the following:-Turn the item inside out before washing-Wash with similar colours-Wash at 30° C (86°F)Do not bleach or tumble dryUse a mild detergent. As this product is made of organic cotton and has not been chemically treated, please be aware that it may shrink by up to 5% after the first wash. 


Please check your child’s measurements against the measurements in the size chart to get the best fit. The sizing is based on standard measurements. Depending on the fit you would like, you might want to size up or down.

Leggings measurements (old collection)

Length CM unfolded cuff Length CM folded cuff Size
43 28                           0-6 Months
48 33                           6-12 Months
56 41                           12-24 Months
61 46                            2-4 Years
77 62                            4-7 Years


T shirt/ Sweatshirt sizing (old collection)

Width CM Length CM Size
31.5 35              1-2 Years / 86-92
33 39            2-4 Years / 98-104 
35 43            4-7 Years /110-122

Bonnet sizing 

Circumference CM Circumference Inches Size
           43-46               17-18                     6-12 Months
           46-48               18-19                    12-24 Months
           48-51               19-20                    24-48 Months


Beanie Sizing

  Inches Centimeter Age
Small 15,75 40       6-12 Months
Medium 17 43         1-2 Years
Large 18,20 46         2-5 Years


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