Top Quality & Durable


The clothes that we stock can be worn and washed again and again, and passed on to others once your little one has outgrown them. Organic cotton material helps the body keep a healthy temperature, wicks away moisture and ventilates air to keep your child as comfortable as possible. All of the clothes we stock are  bright and doesn't fade. All children can wear all the colours of the rainbow. Thats why we stock clothes that are unisex for everyone to enjoy. As I have been buying and re-sold or handed down to siblings/cousins used clothing from some of the brand’s we carry today for the last 7 years, it is important for us to make this option available for you. Seeing our children wear these soft, thick and well made clothes makes us feel comfortable in the decision we’ve made to always try and avoid fast fashion as much as possible, to save the planet one piece of durable clothing at a time.






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