Collection details: CarlijnQ

CarlijnQ is a sustainable children's brand from Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Characterized by their playful designs and unisex styles, CarlijnQ's collections are made from organic or recycled fabrics in fair trade factories. 
Parts their ethos:
Fashion is more than fabric and thread; it's a statement about the world we want to live in. Sustainability is integral to the brand, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to ensuring ethical manufacturing practices. CarlijnQ deliver products you—and future generations—can love.
CarlijnQ use certified organic cotton and eco-friendly materials. Their dyeing processes meet high industry standards, ensuring vibrant, safe, and irritant-free colours for your child's safety and the planet’s well-being.

CarlijnQ use minimalistic, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging. Your orders come in recycled cardboard boxes, and they're eliminating single-use plastics.


Size Chart:
Size (height in cm) Age
98/104 3-4 Years
110/116 5-6 Years
122/128 7-8 Years
134/140 9-10 Years
146/152 10-12 Years
158/164 12-14 Years