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Pickapooh Merino Fleece Mitten Grey

Pickapooh Merino Fleece Mitten Grey

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Pickapooh 100% organic merino wool fleece mittens are warm, soft and practical. The elasticated cuff helps keep them on, especially for the little ones.  Wool is the perfect material for mitts.  Wool keeps hands warm, even if they get damp, as wool maintains its warmth. Woollen mitts wick moisture away from the hands and are water repellent because of the lanolin in the wool. 

Size 2 has a handy string that can be put inside of snowsuit or jacket for a non drop solution.

Material: 100% Organic Merino Wool Fleece (kbT) 

Click here for more information on how to take care of your mittens.

Measurements of mittens below, age is only a recommendation as every hand is different.

*We suggest adding an additional 0.5 - 1 cm to the mitten measurements if they are nearly identical to ensure some extra space for movement.

 Size  Recommended Age Inches (Palm to fingertip) CM (Palm to fingertip)
2 1-2 Y 3.5 Inches 8.89 CM
3 3-4 Y 4.5 Inches 11.43 CM
4 4-6 Y 5.5 Inches 13.97 CM
5 6-8 Y 6 Inches 15.24 CM
6 8-10 Y 6 3/4 Inches 17.45 CM
7 10-12 Y 7.5 Inches 19.05 CM
8 12 Y -Adult 8 1/4 Inches 20.95 CM
9 Large Adult 9 Inches 22.86 CM
10  XL Adult  9 3/4 Inches 24.76 CM
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