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Space Mission Marbles Box - 59 Pack

Space Mission Marbles Box - 59 Pack

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A space inspired marble treasure box, the Billes & Co Space Mission Marbles box includes glossy and fun marbles in a variety of colours.

This item was handcrafted by artisans using traditional skills and techniques. Only a limited quantity has been made; it has not been mass-produced.

Marble toys are loved by children for their tactile, sensory nature, and sorting and arranging will support fine motor skills and dexterity.

This glass marble set makes a wonderful gift and will be loved by children and adults alike. Made from all natural and recycled materials, this eco-friendly marble set is entirely plastic-free.

Box of 59 Space Mission marbles containing 7 varieties of marbles, 4 varieties of caps, and 1 variety of special marbles.

  • 36 balls of 16 mm
  • 7 balls of 14 mm
  • 12 pebbles
  • 4 caps of 22/25 mm

Age: 3+ WARNING - not suitable for under 3 years, choking hazard.

Exercise fine motor skills, agility, dexterity.

Stimulate the imagination, creative expression.

Organize to structure thought, develop memory, rotation. and positioning.

Box measurements: 18 cm, Width : 10 cm, Depth : 3.5 cm

Billes & Co Marbles are selected from among the most beautiful in the world, sorted and arranged by hand in Atelier,France.

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