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Billes & Co

Unicorn Marbles Box - 66 Pack

Unicorn Marbles Box - 66 Pack

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The Billes & Co unicorn box has been designed in close collaboration with the rarest herd of unicorns in the world, whose elegance and grace are known and envied far beyond the borders of the Billes & Co kingdom.

Billes & Co Unicorn Marbles Box, includes 68 glossy and iridescent glass marbles in pinks and whites, with swirls, confetti and a touch of magic, within a beautiful cardboard presentation box. 

This item was handcrafted by artisans using traditional skills and techniques. Only a limited quantity has been made; it has not been mass-produced.

Marble toys are loved by children for their tactile, sensory nature, and sorting and arranging will support fine motor skills and dexterity.

This glass marble set makes a wonderful gift and will be loved by children and adults alike. Made from all natural and recycled materials, this eco-friendly marble set is entirely plastic-free.

Box of 66 Unicorn marbles containing 5 varieties of marbles, 4 varieties of caps, and 2 varieties of pebbles.

  • 24 balls of 16 mm
  • 14 balls of 14 mm
  • 24 pebbles
  • 4 caps of 22/25 mm

Age: 3+ WARNING - not suitable for under 3 years, choking hazard.

Exercise fine motor skills, agility, dexterity.

Stimulate the imagination, creative expression.

Organize to structure thought, develop memory, rotation. and positioning.

Box measurements: 18 cm, Width : 10 cm, Depth : 3.5 cm

Billes & Co Marbles are selected from among the most beautiful in the world, sorted and arranged by hand in Atelier, France.


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